Overview of the Loan Process

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Step #1: Electronic Loan Application and Document Package
– You’ll receive a secure link to E-Sign your documents, saving you valuable time.
– A Loan Estimate is included in this package. This is an itemized list of the fees for your home loan transaction.

Step #2: Loan Approval
– Once your loan application is reviewed, you may be asked for additional documentation.
– Return the documentation as quickly as possible.

Step #3: Appraisal
– A licensed appraiser will need to inspect the property and determine a value. (If your loan application receives a Property Inspection Waiver, no appraisal will be needed.)
– The appraisal cost is typically charged to you prior to the inspection.

Step #4: Closing Disclosure
– This is the final list of fees that you will be charged for your loan.
– You will receive this document at least three days prior to your closing.

Step #5: Verbal Verification of Employment
– A call will be placed to your employer; it’s important they respond promptly.

Step #6: Final Closing STEP 6: FINAL CLOSING
– When your loan is fully approved, your employment has been verified, and you are ready to close on your home, we will schedule a convenient time to sign the final documentation.

I have been a Mortgage Loan Originator in Santa Barbara since 1989 and have lots of experience helping my client through the loan process. Contact me today to learn more and see how I can make this process as easy as possible!