Got Debt?

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Photo Credits Did you know that by consolidating your debt into a real estate loan you could save A LOT of money each month! By rolling your credit card debt, auto loans and other revolving and consumer debt into a real estate loan by refinancing at today’s low rates, you can save money on… [Read More]

Prime Jumbo Loans are Here!


Looking for supersized loans for your high-priced home? UWM has just come out with their amazing new Jumbo Loan program that combines the best of two former UWM products – High Balance Nationwide and Jumbo Bank Buster. The new Prime Jumbo offers competitive pricing to more borrowers, along with fast turn times that allow you… [Read More]

Overview of the Loan Process

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Step #1: Electronic Loan Application and Document Package – You’ll receive a secure link to E-Sign your documents, saving you valuable time. – A Loan Estimate is included in this package. This is an itemized list of the fees for your home loan transaction. Step #2: Loan Approval – Once your loan application is reviewed,… [Read More]

Prop 19: Do The New Tax Laws Affect Your Real Estate Goals?

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With the passing of Proposition 19, Californians will see changes to certain property tax rules starting February 16, 2021. Billed as “The Property Tax Transfers, Exemptions, and Revenue for Wildfire Agencies and Counties Amendment,” Prop 19 passed with 51.1% voter approval in November 2020. Prop 19 changes the rules on exemptions from reassessment for intergenerational… [Read More]

Conquest, Low Rates, Fast Closings

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Conquest is a new mortgage program that gives access to some of the lowest rates in the country at 1.999% and a minimum 640 FICO requirement — along with great loan terms and fast closings. Now borrowers with less-than-perfect credit can take advantage of the Conquest program and gain access to Industry-leading government rates and… [Read More]

Good News, 2021 Conforming Loan Limits are Increasing!

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The Federal Housing Finance Agency recently announced the new 2021 baseline conforming loan limit is $548,250 for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & the Federal National Mortgage Association. This new limit represents a 7.5% increase from the previous 2020 limit of $510,400. In areas considered high-cost the maximum loan limit is higher than this… [Read More]

Buying a House While Selling Your Own

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In an ideal world, you would want to purchase a new house while also selling your old one simultaneously with a short transaction time. Unfortunately, it is more complicated than that and you may need to prepare for the time between selling your house and buying a new one. Deciding on whether you buy another… [Read More]

Top Rated Neighborhoods in Santa Barbara


Santa Barbara is made up of many diverse neighborhoods all with their own unique history and characteristics. Here are some highly ranked neighborhoods to check out during your home search. Mesa The Mesa area is located along the southwest border of the city and expands from the bluffs beyond the harbor to the top of… [Read More]

When Should you Refinance?

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If you are looking to have some extra cash in your pocket, you may want to consider refinancing! Refinancing can involve lowering your current interest rate, consolidating debts, or obtaining cash from your equity. Be taking these steps refinancing can potentially give you the following benefits: – Lower your monthly mortgage payment – Lower your… [Read More]