Adjustable Mortgage Rates


Today‚Äôs adjustable rate mortgages are a lot different than they were in the past and they may now be the best choice for your purchase or refinance. Here are some reasons you may now want to consider an ARM. – ARMs are smarter. Most people only stay in their mortgage for 5 to 7 years…. [Read More]

When Should you Refinance?

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If you are looking to have some extra cash in your pocket, you may want to consider refinancing! Refinancing can involve lowering your current interest rate, consolidating debts, or obtaining cash from your equity. Be taking these steps refinancing can potentially give you the following benefits: – Lower your monthly mortgage payment – Lower your… [Read More]

Interest Rates at all-time Lows!

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Interest rates have dropped to the lowest levels in history, largely due to COVID-19 fears and impact on the economy. Because of this, many individuals have the opportunity to lower their rates and save a lot of money by refinancing. Often all fees are paid by the lender so there is no cost to you…. [Read More]


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